May 30, 2018

Flagpole Premieres: Reverie Rush, 'Coming Up for Air'


Photo Credit: Aisha Palmitessa

Flagpole readers know Andy Barton for his frequent bylines in our music section, where he's recently written thoughtful and informative profiles on local acts Neighbor Lady, Shade and Linqua Franqa. But folks might be surprised to learn that Barton has another ongoing outlet for his creative energy in Reverie Rush, a dreamy indie-pop project that is gearing up to release its debut EP, Beginners, June 15.

Previously, Barton—who also played drums in Athens-turned-Atlanta shoegaze concern Fake Flowers—released the EP's poppy closer, "Run Its Course," and today we're happy to premiere another single, "Coming Up for Air." It's an airy, absorbing tune that Barton calls a "personal therapy session," and you can stream it below:

"'Coming Up For Air' grapples with a lot of negative memories and emotions surrounding my move back to Athens from Atlanta," Barton explains. "…I felt like I was flailing aimlessly through life without any real purpose or sense of direction, and this image of someone lost at sea and taking on water really stood out in my mind. Succumbing to darkness and getting stuck in its cycle can be incredibly easy, so I wrote the chorus as kind of a check and balance on myself; a reminder that people are capable of making pretty glaring errors throughout their life, but they're also capable of atonement and redemption—of 'coming up for air.'"

Buy Beginners on digital and CD over at Bandcamp.