May 3, 2019

Flagpole Premieres: Partials, 'Walls Fall'


With the release of last year's Glossolalia—one of Flagpole's favorite local EPs of 2018—Athens group Partials established themselves as the thinking-person's party band, blending heady funk and Afrobeat grooves with rich, provocative lyrics exploring themes of technology and isolation.

Now, the group is back with a new single, "Walls Fall," which we're happy to premiere today. Boppy and triumphant, the song distills Partials' eclectic energy into one irresistable, three-minute banger. 

Says the band:

The meaning of the song is that no wall stands forever. Anything standing in your way (socially, politically, creatively) will eventually come down if you keep pushing. For us, that often happens in a creative context. It's about the moment in the creative process where your inner critic gets so wrapped up judging other peoples' trivial faults that it finally leaves you alone for a second and the ideas just start pouring out. It's a stream-of-consciousness meditation on that feeling of trying something cliche that comes out pretty cool. Or taking some wild chance and having it actually pan out. But it's also about putting in the work, showing up every day to pursue the thing you love, because that's how you catch those moments.

Stream "Walls Fall" via True Blue Records below: