May 19, 2016

Flagpole Premieres: Orca Mug, 'Yeah, The Void'


Athens musician JJ Posway fronts the emo-tinged indie-pop outfit scooterbabe and creates dark, textural instrumental music as Aprotag. Now Posway is involved with a third project, Orca Mug, and today we're happy to premiere the title track from Orca Mug's upcoming EP, Yeah, The Void.

Though Posway is in all likelihood the music's creator, the compositions on Yeah, The Void, which meld bookish IDM with wispy vaporwave, are mysteriously credited to his favorite drinking vessel—the titular "orca mug" seen above—with the following explanation: 

After some intense negotiations and a few heart-to-hearts, Orca Mug has allowed JJ to help share some of its songs. A mug can't access the internet easily, and JJ is happy to help his friend.

Can a coffee mug make electronic music? You be the judge. Check out the layered, melodic "Yeah, The Void" below:

Says Posway of his new EP:

Like upcoming releases by scooterbabe and another new project, Yeah, The Void explores themes of growth, indecision, uncertainty, vulnerability and habits. I'd describe it as pop-minded electronic music with an effort made to introduce unusual sounds and light experimentation along with spoken word and personal field recordings.