April 28, 2017

Flagpole Premieres: Nihilist Cheerleader, 'And She Takes It'


Photo Credit: Mary Merritt

If there's one local band that's been on seemingly everyone's lips lately, it's Nihilist Cheerleader. The young punk four-piece has earned a loyal fanbase thanks to a scrappy, melodic sound, lyrics that alternate seamlessly between playful and political, and a beyond-their-years comprehension of musical tension and release.

As we note in this week's feature, the band will release its first proper full-length, Riot, Right?, this spring, and co-headlines a show tonight at the 40 Watt Club.

To get your blood pumping in advance of tonight's rock action, we're happy to premiere the new record's gutsy first single, "And She Takes It." It provides a taste of the upcoming album's more polished sound, a contrast to the group's ramshackle early EPs.

But don't fret: This is still the band you know and love. The new single "begins with a sound that is uncharted territory for us, but as the song progresses, it dives back into Nihilist Cheerleader's more familiar punk antics," says guitarist and vocalist Flynne Collins.

Stream "And She Takes It" below:

Nihilist Cheerleader plays the 40 Watt Club tonight, Friday, Apr. 28.