November 11, 2016

Flagpole Premieres: Monsoon, 'Never Knows Best' Video


Athensmade, a local nonprofit that aims to "educate, support and promote homegrown brands, entrepreneurs and creative professionals" here in town, has partnered with production company LiveSyphon to create a pilot for a web series focused on the Athens music scene.

Today, we're happy to give you a first glimpse at the project, via a video of Monsoon performing its song "Never Knows Best," which was filmed recently at Flicker Theatre & Bar. 

It's the first of three clips from the Flicker session planned for release this month, with the next one coming on Friday, Nov. 18.

Monsoon leader Sienna Chandler had the following to say about the song:

When I wrote "Never Knows Best," I was listening to way too much Digable Planets. I wanted to try my hand at rapping in a song, and this is how it turned out: me spitting out 10 too many words in one sitting and not sounding at all like the Riff Raff song I wanted it to be. However, I'm really happy with how this one turned out. We've also never had a second guitar player, so I've had to use my voice in weird places to make up for it. I wanted the bridge to sound like a siren racing down the street, and that's exactly what it (hopefully) sounds like. Also, shout out to anyone who watches Fooly Cooly. "Never Knows Best" was written on a cigarette in one of the episodes, and 17-year-old me thought that was cool. And thus, the song was born.

Watch the video below, and follow along with the rest of the series right here.