October 10, 2014

Flagpole Premieres: Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne, I Line My Days Along Your Weight

Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne by Shervin Lainez 2.jpg

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne call New York City home these days, but the pair cut their musical teeth in Georgia—Rogers with new-folk standouts Myssouri and Byrne with eclectic rockers Hot Young Priest. The album Rogers and Byrne have just crafted as a duo, I Line My Days Along Your Weight, should establish the pair as one of the most vital acts in folk music right now.

Recorded in Brooklyn and set for release next Tuesday, Oct. 14 via Important, I Line My Days Along Your Weight is a striking set of sparse, evocative tunes filled with rich instrumentation—"baritone acoustic, tricone resonator, golden-­era flat top, space-­age lap steel guitar, upright piano and hundred-­year-­old mandolin," per the press release—that is unassuming even as it devastates.

Write Rogers and Byrne:

We wanted to record our first album together as a true duet: facing each other a few feet apart and listening closely. We wove together some very old instruments because we found that when combined, they sounded like an altogether different voice.  Each song was recorded live to analog tape—so what you hear essentially is what we performed start to finish, often as first takes.

Check the exclusive first stream of the album below:

Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne play The Earl in Atlanta on Monday, Nov. 3.