September 22, 2015

Flagpole Premieres: Houston in the Blind, 'Sleeping Pill'


Photo Credit: Anne Yarbrough

New Athens/Atlanta four-piece band Houston in the Blind is building some nice buzz in advance of its debut album, Limbs, out Oct. 9 and available to pre-order on Bandcamp. Today, we're pleased to give y'all a taste of the record in the form of "Sleeping Pill," Limbs' heartfelt, minimalist closing number.

Though the record incorporates elements of shoegaze, dream-pop and motorik psychedelia, "Sleeping Pill" centers on bandleader Charlie Garrett, who sings plaintively over a simple piano movement. The two-and-a-half-minute song encapsulates Garrett's vision for the album, which he says "deals in some way with human relationships—not just romantic, but also family and friends."

Along with Garrett, HITB features members of Dead Confederate, Ponderosa and Snowden. Limbs was partially recorded in Athens at Normaltown Hall, and was produced by Ponderosa's Kalen Nash.

Stream "Sleeping Pill" below:

From the press release:

The making of Limbs and the emergence of Houston in the Blind represent a phoenix-style rebirth for Garrett, who after more than a decade paying his dues on the bar-band circuit finally allowed the music he was creating to catch up with his muse. “I found myself with a batch of songs that were very different from anything I’d written before,” he says. “I’d been playing for years, and even though I’d grown as a person, I was still playing the kind of music I was listening to at 15 years old. It just didn’t reflect where I was at in my life. So I had to rethink everything. I wanted to challenge myself.”

Houston in the Blind plays Flicker Theatre & Bar on Friday, Oct. 9.