July 1, 2016

Flagpole Premieres: Grassland String Band, 'Diamond'


Over the course of its several-year existence, Athens-based "Amerigrass" project Grassland String Band has evolved from a straightahead bluegrass outfit into something more nuanced and compelling. The transition is solidified with the group's new EP, The Echo Mountain Sessions, recorded in Asheville, NC last January.

Today we're pleased to premiere "Diamond," the first single from the upcoming EP. The song, which features contributions from Hammond B3 master Ike Stubblefield, was penned by GSB's Michael Lesousky.

Take a listen below:

Says the band: 

The sanctified sounds of guest Ike Stubblefield's B3 and Wurlitzer enhance the spiritual vibe of the converted church recording space. Michael Lesousky's earnest and soulful vocals implore listeners who've ever felt "lost inside their minds, where depression runs" to "find yourself a friend to help carry your load."  Lesousky nimbly hands off the ascending vocal line to Kevin Patrick Fleming (electric guitar) and Adam Poulin (fiddle), who take the listener on a journey that is at once encompassing and concise—that tells the listener both "I've been there" and "we're in this together."  The track concludes with a gang vocal acknowledgment that "there's a lot of dirt you've got to dig through, before you find the diamond."