March 20, 2018

Flagpole Premieres: Del Toro Sound, 'I Hate Balloons'


Athens musician Bryan J. Howard is known for fronting The HEAP, the local indie-soul group that recently released its second full-length, Overdue, as well as his work with alt-rock mainstay Cracker. Howard also moonlights as a voiceover artist, contributing to "a variety of projects, from video-game characters to audiobook narration," according to his website.

Now, Howard has launched a venture to combine his twin passions. With Del Toro Sound, he plans to offer voice services plus original music for hire—think commercials, films and such. But don't expect mere jingles; Howard says he wants to "experiment with new sounds and arrangements," and his track record suggests he'll take a wholly creative approach to his latest project.

Today, we're bringing you an exclusive track from Del Toro Sound's debut demo. "I Hate Balloons" was reportedly inspired by The Flaming Lips' recent Georgia Theatre show, and is appropriately Lipsian in its sky-high psych-pop approach, though its lyrics, especially, create a vibe that's more parody than pastiche.

Stream the track, penned by Howard and featuring contributions from members of Los Cantares, Pickled Holler and Camper Van Beethoven, plus vocalist Chip McKenzie, below: