September 18, 2013

Flagpole Premieres! Elf Power: 'Lift the Shell'


Elf Power celebrates the release of its 12th studio album, Sunlight on the Moon, with a show this Saturday at The World Famous. (Read our Q&A with frontman Andrew Rieger.) At the show, folks can grab advance copies of the record, which is officially out Oct. 1 via Orange Twin. The band has been teasing the album for several weeks, leaking two singles, the ebullient title track and the fuzzed-out "A Grey Cloth Covering My Face."

Today, Flagpole is excited to premiere an exclusive third track from the album. "Lift the Shell" is an insistent, invigorating trip of a song. It's also the album's most experimental track, with all its (literal) bells and whistles, though a luminescent pop core shines through.

Stream the song below:

Says Rieger:

["Lift the Shell"] was recorded partially at my home studio and partially at Gypsy Farm Studios, then mixed at The Glow Studio. Most of the basic instrumentation and vocals were recorded by me at home as I was coming up with the song. All the weird tape loops were added at Gypsy Farm. Laura Carter, Zeke Sayer and Matt Garrison used an old tape machine and recorded noises of themselves running up and down the bleachers in the auditorium at Gypsy Farm, making various odd sounds and noises, and then manipulated the speed of the tape to achieve the end result.

Elf Power plays Saturday, Sept. 21 at The World Famous.