March 9, 2015

AthFest Compilation Album Tracklist Revealed


AthFest has revealed the final track listing for the 2015 edition of its annual compilation album.

Assembled and produced by students in UGA's Music Business Program, and released by Ghostmeat Records, the 21-track record features songs from established local favorites The Whigs, T. Hardy Morris and Reptar, as well as upstarts Roadkill Ghost Choir, Monsoon, New Wives and others.

The album will be available on CD June 2 at local record stores, as well as via the AthFest and Ghostmeat sites. It will also be available digitally via iTunes and other retailers.

This year's AthFest music and arts festival happens June 26–28. Things kick off with the Flagpole Athens Music Awards on Thursday, June 25.

From the press release:

Kelsey Kirpich, UGA Music Business Program student and compilation CD project producer, said a team of five students listened to the 150 submissions, and narrowed it down to 21 songs. “We kept narrowing down the submissions until we had a list we felt was a great representation of the diverse Athens music scene.” Kirpich added, “The Music Business Program at UGA is a community of passionate music lovers, so it made it a really enjoyable process for everyone involved.”

AthFest Educates approached director of the UGA Music Business Program David Barbe about making the compilation CD a student project. Barbe said he, “instantly loved the idea” and thought it was, “a great opportunity for students to see the nuts and bolts of a music release - selecting artists and material, mastering, manufacturing, promoting and distributing.”

Complete tracklist:

1. Sam Burchfield: "Here Tonight"
2. Tongues: "Fools Like These"
3. Monsoon: "Ride A’Rolla"
4. Playground Hero: "Don’t Be Judgin’ Me"
5. The Whigs: "Hit Me"
6. WrennPop: "Laundromat"
7. T. Hardy Morris: "Painted On Attitude"
8. Hello, Amazon: "Mosaics"
9. Nifty Earth: "Kick Back"
10. Halem Albright: "Slip By" (People’s Choice)
11. Roadkill Ghost Choir: "Slow Knife"
12. Saturn Valley: "Odysseus"
13. The Orkids: "Lack of Faith"
14. Uncle Pizza: "Truth Master"
15. New Wives: "Laurels"
16. Uncle Dad: "Alien Mary"
17. Showtime: "Big Ol’ Bad Self"
18. Tedo Stone: "Slugs"
19. Reptar: "Cable"
20. Dana Swimmer: "Kids and a Mortgage"
21. Family And Friends: "Wyoming"