June 28, 2017

The Brixx Space Has a New Tenant, and More Chains Cometh


Photo Credit: Photo via Facebook

The Office Sports Bar and Grill

Have you been walking past the West Washington parking deck/mixed-use building and thinking about the sad, empty space that used to house Brixx? I have. But if everything works out with the lease, it won't be empty for long. The Office Sports Bar and Grill, which operates one other location, in Columbus, is looking to move in. Co-owner Darren Phillips confirmed that negotiations are ongoing.

Phillips described the place as "an upscale sports bar with great food. We go above the bar foods with pastas, chops, steaks, as well as some of the favorites while watching sports or listening to acoustic music. We have a few extra items planned for the Athens location that we will pass on more information about as it comes to fruition."

If you're assuming that the name is along the same lines as the no-longer-open downtown bar The Library, you are right on. (It also shouldn't be confused with existing Athens spot The Office Lounge.) You can see the Columbus location's menu on the restaurant's website.

In other food news:

Hot on the heels of the Athens West Shopping Center's facelift of its combination Taco Bell and KFC comes the news that the area near the Space Kroger on Highway 29 is getting its own Taco Bell. Land is being cleared in a hurry all over the place out there for various building projects. Just a little bit down from the Taco Bell, it looks like a Bojangles will be going in.

The Target here in town also apparently isn't exciting enough, so it's working on adding a Starbucks, as is the Beechwood shopping center. Guys, remember when we only had one Starbucks and everyone complained about it even existing? Well, these bring the total to eight, I think.