December 10, 2013

Rashe's Cuisine to Open on Tallassee in 2014

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 10.46.36 AM.png

The always promising but also always problematic space at Tallassee and Mitchell Bridge still best known as the former Caliente Cab (Google Maps screenshot above) is about to get a new tenant. Rashe Malcolm, who has been running a personal chef service for a while, both in Athens and elsewhere, is opening up Rashe's Cuisine, a Jamaican restaurant, in the new year.

In a phone conversation, Malcolm related her travels from St. Mary's Hospital, where she worked in food service, to North Carolina, where she worked for Marriott, to a stint doing contract work for the EPA. When her contract was up, she decided to "take a leap of faith," as she put it, and dive into the restaurant business.

Part of what attracted her to the location is the stage. Malcolm also has a musical background and used to rap, so she wants to bring music to that area of town and allow artists who may not be able to get a gig downtown to show their stuff. Don't expect things to get wild, though. Malcolm isn't doing even BYOB, and she wants to maintain a family atmosphere.

Food-wise, you can expect curry, lots of vegetables, grilled fish (the grill is in the works) and both vegetarian (Rastafarian) cuisine and stuff with meat in it. Malcolm is shooting for a Feb. 14 opening, with a DJ on hand. Finally, she wanted everyone to know that there's no rivalry with Kelly (Kelbourne Codling) of Kelly's Authentic Jamaican Food, who is an old friend of hers.