October 17, 2014

Third Thursday Expands Thanks to Classic Center

Valerie Aldridge views the work of Janelle Young..JPG

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Valerie Aldridge views work by Janelle Young

This month’s Third Thursday event was enhanced by the addition of an opening at The Classic Center as well as a new shuttle service sponsored by The Classic Center Cultural Foundation. Vans circulated every 30 minutes, allowing attendees to visit the Lyndon House, Hotel Indigo, The Classic Center, the Georgia Museum of Art, the Lamar Dodd School of Art, Ciné, and Athica with relative ease.

Two shows opened at The Classic Center. “Nature Revealed” features works by local artists Charles Warnock, Georgia Rhodes, Katherine Dunlap, Janelle Young, Georgia Rhodes and Barbara Patisaul. All of the works share an emphasis on the sensual and organic beauty inherent in natural forms. The works vary in media and technique, from Janelle Young’s examination of fungi (oddly juxtaposed with man-made elements like a sewing pin) to Barbara Patisaul’s studies of a conch shell, which are enlarged to a monumental scale and rendered in oil on canvas.

Third Thursday featured works by Barbara Patisaul.JPG

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Third Thursday featured work by Barbara Patisaul

Downstairs in the Classic Gallery II, “Then and Now: Celebrating 40 Years of the Lyndon House Arts Center” featured five regional artists who have previously placed in the Lyndon House Annual Juried Exhibits. Terri Jarrett, Leah Mantini, John D’Azzo, Erik Patten and Munroe D’Antignac each display an award-winning piece from a past juried show, along with several current works. Jarrett shows vibrant textile pieces that combine traditional quilt patterns with modern fabrics. Patten exhibits a bold and striking series of photographic landscapes that consist of simulated forests of plastic trees.

Terri Jarrett shows her work 'Don't Let Go' to Gwen O'Looney.JPG

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Terri Jarrett shows her work "Don't Let Go" to Gwen O'Looney

It is wonderful to see Third Thursday, Athens’ monthly night for visual art, expand and make it easier for visitors to take in all of the offerings. Perhaps the Classic Center might consider two additions to enhance the solid exhibits on offer: better lighting for better viewing at night and music at the openings to enhance the party experience-this is Athens after all.