October 10, 2014

Opening in Athens: The Judge, Kill the Messenger and More

the judge.jpg

The Judge

Here's what's new on the big screen in Athens this weekend:

THE JUDGE (R; showtimes): A week after getting a fantastic adult drama in Gone Girl, this week brings us a legal drama from the director of Wedding Crashers. The flashy film stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall as an estranged father and son. RDJ’s son is a big city law-yuh who must defend his father, the town judge, who is accused of murder. This film looks like a crowd pleaser, but is it any good?

DRACULA UNTOLD (R; showtimes): So we’ve got to retcon Dracula into a hero now? Come on, guys. Ol’ Drac, aka Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans, who deserves to hit it big), makes a deal to protect his kingdom and family. I imagine the darkness will be too much for our questionable hero. This flick sounds like a discarded plot for a Castlevania game. Bonus points for an appearance by Charles Dance.

KILL THE MESSENGER (R; showtimes): Athens may have missed out on St. Vincent, but we are getting this flick from “Homeland” alum Michael Cuesta. Based on the story of journo Gary Webb, Kill the Messenger stars Jeremy Renner as a reporter targeted after exposing the CIA’s foibles in Nicaragua.

THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (R; showtimes): Do yourself a favor and head to Cine to watch one of my favorite horror flicks, Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Seeing Leatherface and the family on the big screen will make you forget those sad remakes and sequels to which we’ve been subjected.