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  • Mermaids and Alligators

    Georgia in the Spirit of 1776

    Local historian Steven Scurry traces the roots of the Oconee War - the borderland conflict between Georgians and Creek Indians over the Oconee River Valley - to the period of the American Revolution.

  • The Oconee War

    Creek Leaders Travel To New York City And Make A Treaty With President George Washington (Part Three)

    The Oconee war finally ends in an embittered peace.

  • The Oconee War

    Conflict Means Disastrous Consequences For Land Speculators And For The Founding Of The University Of Georgia (Part Two)

    The conflict between Georgia and the Creek confederation intensifies, with disastrous consequences.

  • The Oconee War

    Georgia's Push Into The Hunting Lands Of The Creeks Causes Conflict (Part One)

    In the first part of a new series, Steven Scurry traces the beginnings of the struggle to wrest the lands along the Oconee River from the indigenous Creeks.