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  • AthFest Artist Market Winners

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    The AthFest Artist Market features over 50 artists this year, including artists of media such as woodworking, painting, ceramics and soap-making. The first place prize of $500 was awarded to David Reynolds, a local woodworker, painter and mixed media artist. Reynolds uses the muted colors and shades of brown found in his woodworking to make his paintings and mixed media work.

  • Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! Live Cinecast was Okay

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    Last week's live cinecast of the NPR game show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, seen locally at Beechwood Stadium 11, was the latest edition of the curious trend of watching radio. This American Life has broadcasted the taping of its show, and popular NPR variety shows A Prairie Home Companion, Mountain Stage and even Wait, Wait sell plenty of tickets to a studio or amphitheater audience. However, the difference between participating in the taping of a radio show and watching it remotely is large enough that these live cinecasts might not become the lucrative novelty they at first seem. 

  • Q&A with Kristen Bach of Treehouse Kid and Craft

    Blog: Culture Briefs


    Crafts at Treehouse.

    Treehouse Kid and Craft recently won Flagpole's Athens Favorites Award for Best Creative Kid and Adult Classes. Owner Kristen Bach and her team of crafty teachers make every day creative with a schedule of monthly craft classes geared to specific age groups. The summer camp schedule is now up and includes week-long themed camps that promise to induce adult jealousy. Space Camp, Where the Wild Things Are and Woodland Fairy are just a few of them. Flagpole spoke with Bach about the evolution of Treehouse's classes and camps.

    Flagpole: Tell me about your classes.

    Kristen Bach: [We offer] our weekly DIY classes for kids. We have classes for kids of ages 1–3 (alongside a guardian), 3–5, 6–10 and a Family Crafterday class for ages 3–8. We are offering some special workshops coming up too. For kids we have Knitwits, which is intermediate knitting for kids. We have a group of kids who have taken, I think, six sessions of knitting and are just amazing! It has been one of the most joyous classes for me to watch them grow and pick up the craft. We also have a beginning sewing class for kids as well.

    FP: How have classes evolved since you began holding them?

  • Q&A With Little Tybee, Playing Melting Point Tonight

    Blog: Homedrone


    Flagpole: You've been billed before with Adron. How did you start playing with her, and what makes her a good fit for y'all?

    Little Tybee: We have known Adron for a few years now. She was a guest vocalist on our second album, Humorous to Bees, and will sing harmonies live from time to time with Little Tybee. She is an amazingly talented songwriter. I think her sound and Little Tybee's sound complement each other well because both bands share some really great musicians who pay a lot of attention to the details. I also think that both bands don’t follow trends and popular peer pressure when crafting their sound. We are both trying to create something new and unique.   

    FP: Your new album, For Distant Viewing, comes out Apr. 9. Can you talk about the evolution since Humorous to Bees?

    LT: For Distant Viewing represents a more realized version of Little Tybee.  We have been playing together for a long time now, and we know exactly how each member writes parts and what they will bring to the writing process for the songs. At a certain point in playing with other musicians, you start to develop a language of your own, and I guess we have just become more and more fluent over the years together. With this album, all of the band members were more directly involved in writing the songs. Josh Martin wrote two of the instrumental tracks, "Fantastic Planet" and "Left Right." That is a new feature that hasn't happened in our previous albums. We were inspired to write together, as a cohesive unit, and I think that it marks a huge improvement and a fuller sound.

  • Handmade Zombies and Lovers' Prom

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    V-Day fun

  • Slam Poet Buddy Wakefield Is Ready for Athens

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    Tonight at 399 Meigs St. at 9 p.m.

  • A Q&A with Marianne Boruch and Will Dunlap

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    Georgia Poetry Circuit reading tonight at Ciné

  • Today's Office Jam! Jens Lekman: "The World Moves On"

    Blog: Homedrone

    Hear a tune the Flagpole office is diggin' on

  • Grass Shorts: Yo Soybean's Nicholas Mallis

    Blog: Homedrone

    Flagpole sits in the grass and catches up with a local musician

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