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  • Hundreds Mourn UGA Students Killed in Crash

    Blog: In the Loop


    Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones

    UGA Provost Pamela Whitten mourns with students at a memorial service earlier this evening.

    Hundreds of UGA students, professors and administrators gathered in Tate Plaza Thursday afternoon to mourn four students who died in a car accident in Oconee County Wednesday night.

    The students—Kayla Canedo, 19 and Brittany Feldman, 20, of Alpharetta; Halle Scott, 19, of Dunwoody; and Christina Semeria, 19, of Milton—were killed after the Toyota Camry driven by fellow student Agnes Kim crossed the center line on Highway 15 and collided with another car, according to Georgia State Patrol. Kim, 21, of Snellville, is still hospitalized and in critical condition.

  • UGA Profs: Obama Will Nominate a Moderate Supreme Court Justice to Replace Scalia

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    Photo Credit: Stephen Masker

    Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday, Senate Republicans have vowed to reject any nominee President Obama puts forth, but some University of Georgia professors and administrators in the political science department and law school think a moderate candidate has a chance of being approved.

    Scalia dying during an election adds another wrinkle to an already partisan process. Supreme Court nominees are twice as likely to be rejected during election years than normal years, says John Maltese, head of the political science department at UGA. 

  • What's Up With that Neon School Bus Downtown?

    Blog: Homedrone


    Photo Credit: Photo via Facebook

    Sightings of a psychedelic school bus in downtown Athens this weekend prompted questions from locals about what it is.

  • Athens Forum Focuses on Race and Police Violence

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    robin shipp.jpg

    Author and lawyer Robin Shipp.

    The Athens community's support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement and protests against police brutality inspired Ricky Roberts, a local activist, to host an event to foster dialogue about these issues and unify the community on Saturday.

    This event could also serve as the foundation of a support mechanism if an incident does happen in Athens, Roberts said.

    “I don’t think that what happened in Ferguson is unique to Ferguson, that could happen anywhere,” she said.

    Authors of the book Justice While Black, Robbin Shipp and Nick Chiles, delivered the keynote address.

  • Herman Cain Defends Rand Paul in UGA Speech

    Blog: In the Loop


    Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

    Herman Cain told University of Georgia students it is too early to make judgments about the 2016 presidential election, but advised them to discount candidates who attack members of their own party at a lecture Wednesday night.

    Cain, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential race, recorded a segment for his radio talk show during his third visit to campus in the last four years. The show will be replayed next week.

  • Clarke School Budget Includes a Bump for Teachers

    Blog: In the Loop

    Phil Lanoue web.jpg

    The Athens-Clarke County School Board approved a tentative budget Thursday night for the 2016 fiscal year of $130 million, $5 million greater than 2015.

    Even with an expected $5 million increase in revenue, the school district will still run a $3 million deficit, about the same as this year’s deficit of $2.8 million.

  • Discrimination Still Exists, CNN Anchor Tells UGA

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    Soledad O’Brien, a CNN news anchor who hosts the documentary series “Black in America”, brought the Black in America Tour to the University of Georgia Tuesday evening to discuss racial inequality, focusing on policing issues.


    “Unless you were living under a rock you probably witnessed, or maybe even took part in some of the protests surrounding the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner,” O’Brien said.

    The severity of racial inequality in terms of policing violence changes depending on the demographic group you ask, O’Brien said.

    “This year, five decades after Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, 70 percent of African Americans say they are treated less fairly by the police than whites,” she said. “When whites are asked if blacks are treated less fairly, 37 percent say ‘yes’.”

  • 'Religious Liberty' Bill Will Legalize Discrimination

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    A "religious liberty" bill in the Georgia House of Representatives could be used to legally justify discrimination, Robbie Medwed, the assistant director for Southern Jewish Resource Network for Gender and Sexual Diversity, told members of the Young Democrats at the University of Georgia on Wednesday.

    Last Thursday, House Bill 218, known as the “Preventing Government Overreach on Religious Expression Act” was introduced in Georgia by state Rep. Sam Teasley (R-Marietta). The bill is part of a growing trend of religious liberty bills throughout the nation. 

    Medwed presented concerns that these bills will be abused in order to justify discrimination, child abuse and domestic violence.

  • Kids Are Over-Tested, Education Expert Anthony Cody Tells Athens Parents

    Blog: In the Loop


    Anthony Cody, a former Oakland, CA, teacher turned advocate for public education, told Clarke County public school parents Thursday that students are tested too much and don't get enough hands-on learning. 

    Cody toured local schools and spoke at a PTO meeting at Clarke Central High School, a day after giving a speech at the University of Georgia chapel.

    He was impressed by the horticulture program at Clarke Central Middle School, saying it will give the students an understanding of science and math that cannot be gained in a traditional classroom setting. Throughout the speech, Cody spoke highly of project-based learning, such as the horticultural program, as opposed to only testing students on knowledge.

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