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  • Chris Forsyth's Five Favorite Guitar Solos

    Blog: Homedrone

    Chris Forsyth plays Normaltown Hall Thursday, Jan. 8 as part of a tour supporting his excellent recent album, Intensity Ghost, a nuanced and explosive record that highlights the Philadelphia guitarist's technical and compositional prowess, as well as his singular, spaced-out sense of melody and texture. Below, Forsyth waxes poetic about a few of his favorite recorded guitar jams.

    chris forsyth solar motel by constance mensh.jpg

    Photo Credit: Constance Mensh

    Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band

    Upon being invited to reflect on my top 5 guitar solos of all time for Flagpole, I must confess that my first reaction was a slight shudder. How can you talk about guitar solos without being pushed into some corner as Defender of the Decomposing Corpse of Rock? This is not a position I'm particularly interested in assuming. I think we should've let the banks fail, and I'm fine with the failure of R-O-C-K, too.

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