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  • Podcast: Poet Tariq Toure on Colin Kaepernick

    Blog: In the Loop

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    In this week's episode, Brandon Soderberg talks with poet and activist Tariq Touré about his poem "Colin Kaepernick: For the Love of the Game."

    Theme music by Ruby Fulton and the Rhymes with Orchestra.

  • Nazis Gather in DC for 'Free Speech' Rally

    Blog: In the Loop

    "Can I get some sunscreen?" one young Nazi asks another young Nazi near the Lincoln Memorial where the alt-right’s "Free Speech" rally—the more edgy of two right-wing rallies scheduled for the same time in Washington, D.C. on June 25—is about to kick off.

    The second rally, which is supposed to be "against political violence" splintered off from the first once alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer was invited. Spencer and his supporters call Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and the other viral right-wingers leading the competing march “alt-light” because they are less openly racist and mostly fall in line with Trump.



    Photo Credit: Brandon Soderberg

    Who these “free speech” Nazis are specifically—their names, where they came from, the specifics of their beliefs—doesn't matter, and many don't call themselves Nazis, but that doesn't matter either. (FWIW, they prefer "tribalists" and/or suggest white pride is like black power or whatever and shouldn't be a big deal.)

    The Nazi in need of sunscreen eventually gets some from a Baby Huey-like Nazi wearing a baseball helmet, holding "Join, or Die." flag. Bounding up the steps past Baby Huey is neo-Confederate Jason Kessler, who waves a Confederate flag and yells that Lincoln was a traitor in the direction of D.C. United Against Hate’s nearby counter-rally.

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