Stories by Kristen Morales

  • Can We Raise the Bar?

    Athens' Relatively High Employment Belies Its Poverty

    Low-paying jobs help contribute to Athens' high poverty rate. Can we raise our expectations along with our median salary?

  • City Pages

    Economic Development Task Force Preparing to Draft Its Report

    The group appointed by Mayor Denson has nearly completed its study.

  • Kiddie Dope

    News from the Juice Box Set

    Getting into the swim with pool activities and into the swing with AthFest KidsFest!

  • Into the Wild

    Athens Students Commune with Nature and Each Other

    A program focusing on outdoor activities and skills seeks to turn local kids away from gangs.

  • City Pages

    School District May Tap Volunteers, UGA for Classroom Help

    Superintendent Phil Lanoue has proposed asking community members to fill gaps left by cuts to parapros.

  • City Pages

    Clarke Schools Hit Hard by Budget Cuts

    Decreasing support at the state level means CCSD will have to shed dozens of jobs.

  • Kiddie Dope

    News from the Juice Box Set

    Your kids will love the Georgia Museum of Natural History's collections of dead animals—and a few live ones, too.

  • City Pages

    CCSD Announces Plan to Extend Pre-K with Sliding Fee Schedule

    Parents of pre-kindergarten students will have to pay to keep them in school to the year's end.

  • City Pages

    Nuçi's Space, Nurses Clinic Expanding Medical Care for Local Artists

    A new partnership will add primary care services for uninsured musicians and others.

  • City Pages

    CCSD, Athens Tech Preparing to Train for Caterpillar Jobs

    Work experience and academic training will both be valuable for applicants.

  • "Fresh Look" Athens International Children's Film Festival

    Saturday, April 14 & Sunday, April 15 at Ciné

  • City Pages

    Wilkerson Street to See Heavy Development, But Only on One Side

    Serious change seems in the works for Wilkerson Street, but some things will necessarily stay the same.

  • Open Dialogue or Closed Doors?

    Selig's Private "Community Meetings"

    The developer's quasi-public information sessions about its Walmart project have been carefully and quietly arranged.

  • Kiddie Dope

    News from the Juice Box Set

    Springtime means being able to haul the family out to one of Athens' many kid-friendly restaurants.

  • City Pages

    Local NAACP Chapter Re-Forms, Takes On Voter Registration

    The African-American advocacy group opposes superdistricts, supports the Selig development.

  • How Much Would You Pay?

    Pre-K Programs Scramble to Finish the Year

    Parents of Athens pre-kindergartners may be asked to pay to keep them in school for the rest of the school year.

  • Andrés Duany

    Thursday, March 8 @ the UGA Miller Learning Center

  • Safety First, but Money Matters

    Responding to Athens 911 Calls Is a Business

    National EMS answers emergency calls in the ACC area, but the need to turn a profit means it has to do non-emergency transports, too.

  • City Pages

    Task Force Looks to Simplify Economic Development Structure

    With so many local entities working toward creating jobs and growth in Athens, a new group seeks to improve coordination.

  • Kiddie Dope

    News from the Juice Box Set

    The Laughing Pizza show Mar. 3 at the Melting Point looks like a sure bet for Athens' next "kiddie dance party."

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