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Movie Dope, 9/12/14: Magic in the Moonlight, No Good Deed and More

First, I’d like to devote a moment to memorialize Richard Kiel, best known as James Bond’s metallic-mouthed villain, Jaws. To paraphrase your surprising first line: “Here’s to you.” (Imagine the tink of champagne glasses.)

Now to this week’s paltry new releases:

MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (PG-13; showtimes): Your best bet is Woody Allen’s new film, which has been playing for weeks at University 16 but is finally making its Cine debut. Look for a review from Derek Hill in next week’s issue. (Note:  Boyhood is still playing at Cine if you have yet to see it.)

DOLPHIN TALE 2 (PG; showtimes): If you saw the first Dolphin Tale, I imagine you can guess the general plot of its sequel. More bad stuff happens to Winter, while Harry Connick, Jr., Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Soul Surfer herself Bethany Hamilton and some kids try to help her out.

NO GOOD DEED (PG-13; showtimes): The title probably refers to Idris Elba, who’s done many good deeds on television (see “The Wire” and “Luther”) but still gets stuck in big-screen crap like his latest and the Beyonce flick, Obsessed.

OTHER STUFF: 2014’s Godzilla is also playing at Tate, if you somehow missed it the first time. Even after being bested by later summer blockbusters, I still recommend it. If the movie gods were smiling on Athens, we’d be getting The Drop, a new Dennis Lehane adaptation starring the late, great James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy. Fortunately, we are not getting the third installment of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy. I sat through the first one, and it was enough.