June 20, 2018

Jason Webb Headlines This Year's Laughfest Comedy Showcase

Wednesday, June 20 @ The Foundry

Laughfest at AthFest was designed to give local comedians a chance to perform with bigger headliners and in front of bigger audiences. Comics from previous years have gone on to appear on late-night TV, movies and popular podcasts, as well as national comedy competitions. This year’s headliner, Jason Webb, is known for his mix of high and low energy, along with his ability to make the audience just uncomfortable enough with his uniquely dark humor.

“My stand-up is kind of just based on family and being an idiot, and making my way through life,” Webb says. 

Originally from North Carolina and now residing in California, Webb has been doing stand-up for eight years, performing across the country at events like the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, Asheville Comedy Festival and SF Sketchfest, to name a few. Webb says he is excited to be back in the South, and he’ll be visiting his hometown and performing in a few other cities along the way.

“I’m lucky that [Laughfest] picked me for this year—they always put on good shows,” Webb says.

For Wednesday’s show, Webb says it’s hard to predict what will happen, but he will incorporate some things from a popular project he co-created and co-hosts, “Follow That!” Naturally, the live show combines super-sad internet videos with stand-up comedy. Webb’s favorite thing about performing is that “the response to it is more immediate than any other art form,” he says, making it easier to determine what does and doesn’t work.

Local comics on Wednesday’s bill include Noell Appling, Jake Ward, Aaron Stafford and host Sarah Kale. The local podcast “Behind the Dial” will host a free official afterparty.