March 22, 2017

Art Around Town

“Roses are Blue, Violets are Blue,” an exhibition of collages by Mike Calway-Fagen, is currently on view at Ciné through Thursday, Apr. 20.

AMICI (233 E. Clayton St.) The Visual Arts Magnet students at North Springs Charter High School present an eclectic arrangement of artwork. Through March.

ANTIQUES & JEWELS ART GALLERY (290 N. Milledge Ave.) New paintings by Mary Porter, Greg Benson, Chatham Murray, Candle Brumby, Lana Mitchell and more.

ART ON THE SIDE GALLERY AND GIFTS (17 N. Main St., Watkinsville) A gallery featuring works by various artists in media including ceramics, paintings and fused glass.

ATHENS ACADEMY (1281 Spartan Lane) In the Harrison Center Foyer Gallery, “Seven Elements of Art” features sculptural works by Lawrence Steuck, Leonard Piha and Lorraine Thompson. • In the Bertelsmann Gallery, see a collection of drawings by Ray Lee as well as creations by the Athens Metal Arts Guild. Through Apr. 21. • In the Myers Gallery, “Transitions: Vessels for Sam” features clay sculptures by Alice Woodruff, who views the exhibition as a journey towards reconciliation with life following her son’s suicide. Paintings and drawings by Audrone Kirschner focus on botanicals as they transition back into pods and seeds. Through Apr. 21.

ATHENS INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART (ATHICA) (160 Tracy St.) “Out There! Photographs in the Spirit of Jeremy Ayers,” curated by John English, celebrates the late artist through 33 of his works, as well as images by 15 other artists including David Noah, Jason Thrasher, Mike Landers, Wilma and Didi Dunphy. Stage reading of Ayer’s final poetry work Mar. 23. Closing events Apr. 22 and Apr. 23. 

BENDZUNAS GLASS (89 W. South Ave., Comer) The family-run studio has been creating fine art glass for almost 40 years. 

CINÉ BARCAFÉ (234 W. Hancock Ave.) Mike Calway-Fagen presents “roses are blue, violets are blue.” Through Apr. 20.

CIRCLE GALLERY (UGA College of Environment and Design, 285 S. Jackson St.) “Landscape, Remembrance, and Healing” is a series of paintings by Rich Panico, a medical practitioner, yogi and artist. Lecture Mar. 23. Through Apr. 28.

CITY OF WATKINSVILLE (Downtown Watkinsville) “Public Art Watkinsville: A Pop-up Sculpture Exhibit” consists of sculptures placed in prominent locations around downtown. Artists include Benjamin Lock, William Massey, Stan Mullins, Robert Clements and Joni Younkins-Herzog. “Artscape Oconee: The Monuments of Artland” features eight newly commissioned art panels and six refurbished panels of paintings. 

THE CLASSIC CENTER (300 N. Thomas St.) “Highlights” includes artists from the Classic Center’s permanent collection: June Ball, Greg Benson, Dianne Penny, Henry Ransom, John Ahee, Ana Anest and Lamar Wood.

CREATURE COMFORTS BREWING CO. (271 W. Hancock Ave.) “Fired Up, Watered Down” features five artists who participated in the Fire Up the Hydrants public art project: Lily Swindle, Maggie Baxter, Dan Smith, Sarah Cook and Sofy Bertioli. Reception Mar. 22. Through Apr. 8.

DONDEROS’ KITCHEN (590 N. Milledge Ave.) Artwork by Kathy Broyles. Through March.

EARTH FARE (1689 S. Lumpkin St.) Artwork by Margaret Scruggs. Through March.

FARMINGTON DEPOT GALLERY (1011 Salem Rd., Farmington) Owned and staffed by 14 artists, the gallery offers works by artists including Matt Alston, John Cleaveland, Peter Loose, Michael Pierce, Dan Smith, Cheri Wranosky and more.

THE FINISHING SCHOOL (215 Thomas St.) The new gallery opens with “Parallel Play,” which includes works by Andrew Boatright, Kojo Griffin and Kirstin Mitchell. The show is curated by Candice Greathouse and Curtis Ames. Through Mar. 29.

FLICKER THEATRE & BAR (263 W. Washington St.) Photography by Stacey-Marie Piotrowski. Through March.

GALLERY@HOTEL INDIGO (500 College Ave.)  “Ultra Bright” includes works in fiber, photography, paper and painting by Barbette Houser, Laura Noel, Jessica Smith, Vivian Liddell, Logan Shirah and Drema Montgomery. Through Apr. 8.

GEORGIA MUSEUM OF ART (90 Carlton St.) In the Jane and Harry Willson Sculpture Garden, “Driving Forces: Sculpture by Lin Emergy” presents four large kinetic sculptures. Through Apr. 2. • “To Spin a Yarn: Distaffs, Folk Art and Material Culture.” Through Apr. 16. • “Advanced and Irascible: Abstract Expressionism from the Collection of Jeanne and Carroll Berry” includes pieces by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Hedda Sterne and more. Through Apr. 30. • “Expanding Tradition: Selections from the Larry D. and Brenda A. Thompson Collection” showcases over 50 works by African American artists. Through May 7. • “Michael Ellison: Urban Impressions” shares a selection of block prints produced by the Atlanta-based educator and printmaker. Through May 21.

GLASSCUBE@INDIGO (500 College Ave.) “Satisfaction System” is a site-specific installation by Garrett Hayes that suspends circular forms woven with scrap denim, rope and Electro-Luminescent wire. Through Apr. 15.

THE GRIT (199 Prince Ave.) Barrow Elementary School presents its annual showcase in celebration of Youth Art Month. Through Mar. 26.

HEIRLOOM CAFÉ (815 N. Chase St.) René Shoemaker’s new silk paintings depict scenes from her strolls around Greenwich Village in NYC. Through Apr. 1.

HENDERSHOT'S COFFEE BAR (237 Prince Ave.) Sue Grilli is a contemporary artist sharing her creative journey through mixed media, watercolor and collage. Through March.

HIP VINTAGE & HANDMADE (215 Commerce Blvd.) Karen Adams works in oils, charcoal, watercolor, mixed media and sculpture. Through March. 

JITTERY JOE’S ALPS (1480 Baxter St.) Susan Pelham’s collages inspired by Magic Realism and Impressionism are on display. Through April. 

JITTERY JOE’S DOWNTOWN (297 E. Broad St.) The collages of Susan Pelham are influenced by Magic Realism, Impressionism, folklore and fairytales. Through March.

JUST PHO…AND MORE (1063 Baxter St.) Artwork by Patrick Linker. Through May 15.

K.A. ARTIST SHOP (127 N. Jackson St.) “Love in all its Many Forms” is a group exhibition celebrating love. Through March.

LAMAR DODD SCHOOL OF ART (270 River Rd.) In the Suite Gallery, “Nicole Pietrantoni: The Falls” shows printmaking work by the assistant professor of art at Whitman College. Closing reception Mar. 23. • In Gallery 307, the “2017 Student Scientific and Medical Illustration Juried Exhibition” shows works by UGA and Augusta University students. Through Mar. 24. • In Gallery 101, “condition: fresh - UTK 3D MFA” is an exchange between MFA sculpture students at UGA and the University of Knoxville, TN. Closing reception Mar. 23. • In the Bridge Gallery, “Alter Ego” is a portfolio of works by printmakers assembled for last year’s Southern Graphics Council. Closing reception Mar. 23.

LOWERY IMAGING GALLERY (2400 Booger Hill Rd., Danielsville) The gallery features paper and canvas giclee prints by Athens artists as well as artists’ renderings of Athens. 

LYNDON HOUSE ARTS CENTER (293 Hoyt St.) Collections from our Community presents “The 2017 Home School Show” in celebration of Youth Art Month. Closing reception Mar. 31. • In the Lounge Gallery, see photography by Wilma, a well-known singer and neuromuscular massage therapist. Reception Mar. 23. Through Apr. 20. • The “42nd Juried Exhibition” contains works selected by guest juror Susan Krane. Opening reception Mar. 23. Through May 6. • “We Are the Other: A Photographic Portrait of Athens” was created through Wing Young Huie’s chalk talks, a public art project. Through June 1.

MADISON ARTISTS GUILD GALLERY (123 S. Main St.) Margaret Agner's exhibition "I'll Fly Away" features silk hangings of moths, butterflies and other flying artworks. Through Apr. 14.

MADISON MORGAN CULTURAL CENTER (434 S. Main St., Madison) “Emissaries of Peace: 1762 Cherokee and British Delegations” presents the story of Lt. Henry Timberlake and Cherokee leader Ostenaco as they journeyed to each other’s countries in 1762 as Emissaries of Peace. The show includes memoirs, period artwork, artifacts and more. Through Apr. 9.

MASON-SCHARFENSTEIN MUSEUM OF ART (567 Georgia St., Demorest) Gregor Turk’s “Power Projection” incorporates cartographic imagery and cultural markings into artwork that considers the context of contemporary political discord. Through March.

OCONEE CULTURAL ARTS FOUNDATION (OCAF) (34 School St., Watkinsville) “The Oconee County Schools Youth Art Month Exhibition” highlights works by over 250 young artists. Through Mar. 23.

RICHARD B. RUSSELL JR. SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARIES (300 S. Hull St.) In the Hargrett Library Gallery, see “Necessary Words & Images: 70 Years of the Georgia Review.” Through May 12. • In the Russell Library Gallery, see “On the Stump: What Does it Take to Get Elected in Georgia.” • In the Brown Media Library, see the “Steele Vintage Broadcast Microphone Collection.” • “A Championship Tradition: The NCAA Tennis Tournament in Athens” marks the 29th time the tournament has been held in Athens since 1972. Through May.

THE SURGERY CENTER OF ATHENS (2142 W. Broad St.) Paintings by Anna Desio. Through March.

TERRAPIN BEER CO. (265 Newton Bridge Rd.) Photography by John Griffiths. Through March.

UGA BARROW HALL (115 D.W. Brooks Dr.) “1950s Fashion Inspired by Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn” is presented by the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Through Mar. 25.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP OF ATHENS (780 Timothy Rd.) “Living in Nature” presents photographs by John W. Schell. Through March.

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA OCONEE CAMPUS GALLERY (1201 Bishop Farms Pkwy., Watkinsville) The “Faculty Biennial” includes a wide variety of media and styles. Through Mar. 24.

WHITE TIGER (217 Hiawassee Ave.) New paintings, drawings and block prints by Cooper Holmes.

WINTERVILLE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CULTURE (371 N. Church St., Winterville) Presented by the Winterville Arts Council, “Beginnings” includes works by Lisa Freeman, Will Eskridge, Chris Taylor, Cheryl Washburn, Jacob Wenzka and more.

THE WORLD FAMOUS (351 N. Hull St.) Permanent artists include RA Miller, Chris Hubbard, Travis Craig, Michelle Fontaine, Dan Smith, Greg Stone and more.