August 24, 2016

Art Around Town

A list of local art exhibits

“A Twelve-Year Retrospective” includes works by some of the hundreds of artists, including Leah Mantini, who have displayed works at Athens Academy in the past. A reception will be held on Sunday, Aug. 28 at 1 p.m.

A. LAFERA SALON (2440 W. Broad St.) Artwork by Perry McCrackin.

AMICI (233 E. Clayton St.) “Athens in Black and White” benefits A New Hope Animal Sanctuary. Through August.

ANTIQUES & JEWELS ART GALLERY (290 N. Milledge Ave.) New paintings by Mary Porter, Greg Benson, Chatham Murray, Candle Brumby, Lana Mitchell and more.

ART ON THE SIDE GALLERY AND GIFTS (17 N. Main St., Watkinsville) A gallery featuring works by various artists in media including ceramics, paintings and fused glass.

ATHENS ACADEMY (1281 Spartan Lane) In the Bertelsmann Lobby Gallery, pieces by graduates of the UGA Continuing Education Center’s photography class is displayed alongside ceramics by Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation members. Reception Aug. 28. Currently on view through Sept. 30. • On view in the Myers Gallery “A Twelve-Year Retrospective” shows works by some of the 300 artists who have displayed at the school in the past. Reception Aug. 28. Currently on view through Oct. 28. • In the Harrison Center Foyer Gallery, “Seven Elements of Art” features sculptural works by Lawrence Steuck, Leonard Piha and Lorraine Thompson.

ATHENS ART AND FRAME (1021 Parkway Blvd.) Silk paintings by Margaret Agner. Through August.

ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY LIBRARY (2025 Baxter St.) A display of 1996 Atlanta memorabilia includes tickets, clothing, posters, patches, brochures and more. Through August.

ATHENS INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART (ATHICA) (160 Tracy St.) “Watered Down: Under the Influence of John Waters” celebrates the cult film director through works in all media. Through Sept. 18.

BENDZUNAS GLASS (89 W. South Ave., Comer) The family-run studio has been creating fine art glass for almost 40 years.

CINÉ BARCAFE (234 W. Hancock Ave.) Pop art by Carol John. Through August.

CIRCLE GALLERY (285 S. Jackson St.) “Practice Practice Practice: Landscape Architects at Work.” Through September.

CITY OF WATKINSVILLE (Downtown Watkinsville) “Public Art Watkinsville: A Pop-up Sculpture Exhibit” consists of sculptures placed in prominent locations around downtown. Artists include Benjamin Lock, William Massey, Stan Mullins, Robert Clements and Joni Younkins-Herzog. “Artscape Oconee: The Monuments of Artland” features eight newly commissioned art panels and six refurbished panels of paintings. 

THE CLASSIC CENTER (300 N. Thomas St.) In Classic Gallery I, “High Contrast” features bold, black-and-white works by Timothy D. Hubbard, Kyle Kizzah, Jon Vogt and Eileen Wallace. • In Classic Gallery II, “A-Town” showcases works examining Athens architecture by Lewis Bartlett, Robert Brussack, Dortha Jacobson and Jacob Wenzka. Through October.

CRAFT PUBLIC HOUSE (1040 Gaines School Rd.) Drawings and paintings by Mina Kim. Through Sept. 1. 

CREATURE COMFORTS BREWING CO. (271 W. Hancock Ave.) Illustrations and prints by Bryn Rouse. Through Sept. 10.

DONDEROS’ KITCHEN (590 N. Milledge Ave.) The Athens Photo Guild shares a collection of works by members. Through August.

EARTH FARE (1689 S. Lumpkin St.) Artwork by Patrick Sprague. Through August.

FARMINGTON DEPOT GALLERY (1011 Salem Rd., Farmington) Owned and staffed by 14 artists, the gallery exhibits paintings, sculpture, folk art, ceramics and fine furniture. Permanent collection artists include Matt Alston, John Cleaveland, Peter Loose, Michael Pierce, Dan Smith, Cheri Wranosky and more. • New work by sculptor Kipley A. Meyer. Through Aug. 28.

FLICKER THEATRE & BAR (263 W. Washington St.) Artwork by Maria Rodriguez. Through August.

FRONTIER UPFRONT GALLERY (193 E. Clayton St.) Nature photography by land artist Chris Taylor.

GALLERY@HOTEL INDIGO (500 College Ave.) “Spotlight” features artwork by Judith McWillie, Teresa Cole and Pete Schulte. Through Sept. 15.

GEORGIA MUSEUM OF ART (90 Carlton St.) In the Jane and Harry Willson Sculpture Garden, “Twists and Turns: Sculptures by Alice Aycock” includes two sculptures, “Waltzing Matilda” and “Twin Vortexes.” Through Sept. 4. • “Recent: Acquisitions” includes over two dozen works of art in a variety of media: works on paper, decorative arts, works on canvas and a neon light sculpture. Through Oct. 9.

GLASSCUBE@INDIGO (500 College Ave.) Jamey Grimes’ Northern Lights-inspired “Aurora” is an installation illuminated by natural light during the day and a color-based lighting cycle at night. Through September.

THE GRIT (199 Prince Ave.) Photos by Matthew Mach. Through Sept. 11.

HEIRLOOM CAFÉ (815 N. Chase St.) The “Athens Art Association Exhibition” includes works by various artists. Through Aug. 29.

HENDERSHOT'S COFFEE BAR (237 Prince Ave.) “The Eiffel Tower” includes 13 interpretations of the iconic Parisian landmark by Charley Seagraves. Through August.

HIGHWIRE LOUNGE (269 N. Hull St.) New paintings and collages by Logan Shirah. Through August.

K.A. ARTIST SHOP (127 N. Jackson St.) Created by the Teen Art Club, “What Are You Afraid Of?” is a collaborative chalkboard wall project. Through August.

LOWERY IMAGING GALLERY (2400 Booger Hill Rd., Danielsville) The gallery features paper and canvas giclee prints by Athens artists as well as artists’ renderings of Athens. 

LYNDON HOUSE ARTS CENTER (293 Hoyt St.) Newly established in honor of the Willow Oak that recently reached the end of its lifecycle, The Tree Gallery showcases photography by Shannon Williams and kid art projects inspired by Gustav Klimt. • “Community Collections” features a collection of Athens area dug bottles from Eric Krasle. Through Aug. 27. • “Textiles: The Sense of Touch,” curated by UGA professor Jennifer Crenshaw, shows textile work by Tanya Aguiniga, Erin Geagon, Johanna Norry, Courtney McCracken and Zipporah Johnson. Reception Sept. 8. Open Aug. 27–Oct. 8. • “Abandoned Rural America” is a group exhibition of 30 artists who address changing landscapes and the transition of family farms. Reception Sept. 8. Through Oct. 20.

MADISON COUNTY LIBRARY (1315 GA-98, Danielsville) “Ocean Bound: Upstream and Downstream” features kaleidoscopic photographs of the Broad River and its tributaries. Through Aug. 29.

MADISON MORGAN CULTURAL CENTER (434 S. Main St., Madison) Richard Sudden’s “Illuminations” use three gallery spaces to explore light, its physical properties and metaphorical meanings. Through Aug. 28.

MONROE ART GUILD (205 S. Broad St., Monroe) See 113 artworks by 44 area artists. Through August.

OCONEE COUNTY LIBRARY (1080 Experiment Station Rd., Watkinsville) Artwork by Hannah Wolfe. Through August.

OCONEE CULTURAL ARTS FOUNDATION (OCAF) (34 School St., Watkinsville) “Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational” is one of the largest pottery events in the region and displays 7500 works. • “Participating Potters: 2016” exhibits two works by each of 50 Georgia potters. • “American Ceramic Masters” includes well-known artists such as Peter Voulkos. • “Atomic Clay” features clay robots by Michael Klapthor. Opening reception Aug. 26. Through Sep. 14. 

RICHARD B. RUSSELL JR. SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARIES (300 S. Hull St.) “Keep Your Seats Everyone… The Redcoats are Coming!” is an exhibition of photographs, uniforms, sheet music and more memorabilia related to the UGA Redcoat Marching Band. Through Dec. 23.

STATE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF GEORGIA (2450 S. Milledge Ave.) “300 Seasons: A Colorful Journey” is a new collection of impressionistic landscapes and floral paintings by Judy Bolton Jarrett. Opening reception Aug. 28. Through Oct. 9.

THE SURGERY CENTER OF ATHENS (2142 W. Broad St.) Painted quilts by Margaret Agner. Through Sept. 16.

SWEET SPOT STUDIO GALLERY (160 Tracy St., Mercury A.I.R.) The gallery presents paintings, ceramics, sculpture, drawings, furniture, folk art and jewelry from artists including Fain Henderson, Michelle Dross, Veronica Darby, John Cleaveland, Rebecca Wood, Nikita Raper, Natalia Zuckerman, Briget Darryl Ginley, Jack Kashuback, Barret Reid, Camille Hayes, Jason Whitley and Ken Hardesty. 

TERRAPIN BEER CO. (265 Newton Bridge Rd.) Artwork by Ansley Sproull. Through August.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP OF ATHENS (780 Timothy Rd.) The Women of Watercolor present an exhibit of wide-ranging subjects, styles and interpretations of the world around them. Through September.

WHITE TIGER (217 Hiawassee Ave.) Paintings by Ella Salt. Through August.

WINTERVILLE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CULTURE (371 N. Church St., Winterville) Artwork by Forrest Neely, Kate Blane, Dortha Jacobson, Madison Binkley and Lisa Storey.

THE WORLD FAMOUS (351 N. Hull St.) Permanent artists include RA Miller, Chris Hubbard, Travis Craig, Michelle Fontaine, Dan Smith, Greg Stone and more. • Will Eskridge’s “Deep Blue Waves” is a series of cyanotype solargrams depicting sea creatures assembled from plant life. Through Oct. 1.