January 30, 2013

Art Around Town

A LA FERA (2440 W. Broad St.) Mixed media with naturalistic scenes by Taylor Bryant. Through February.

AMICI ITALIAN CAFÉ (233 E. Clayton St.) Musician portraits and patterns in oil and acrylics by Lauren Dellaria. Through February. 

ANTIQUES & JEWELS ART GALLERY (290 N. Milledge Ave.) Paintings by Mary Porter, Christine Shockley, Dortha Jacobson, Lana Mitchell, John Gholson, Greg Benson and Ainhoa Bilbao Canup. Art quilt by Elizabeth Barton and handmade jewelry by various artists.

ART ON THE SIDE GALLERY AND GIFTS (1011B Industrial Blvd., Watkinsville) A gallery featuring works by various artists in media including ceramics, paintings and fused glass.

ARTINI'S ART LOUNGE (296 W. Broad St.) "Out West," photography by Nate Cook. Through Feb. 4. • "Into the Wind," flowing figurative paintings by Ainhoa Canup. Opening reception Feb. 5.

ATHENS ACADEMY (1281 Spartan Lane) In the Myers Gallery, "The Spirit Show," featuring works by Ana Anest, Barbara O'dil, Claire Dunphy, Mary Padgelek, Father Anthony Salzman, Wendy Ortel and Scott Pope. In the Bertelsmann Gallery, artwork by Gary Grossman and Stanley Bermudez. Through Feb. 22.

ATHENS INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART (ATHICA) (160 Tracy St.) "And I Feel Fine" includes works by Paul Pfeiffer, Caitlin Foster, Liz Fuller, Maya Hayuk, Zachary Fabri, David Mazure, Suko Presseau and Anthony Wislar that celebrate the artist as an optimist in the wake of worldwide calamity. Through Mar. 10.

THE BRANDED BUTCHER (225 N. Lumpkin St.) Paintings and drawings by Sanithna Phansavanh.

BROAD STREET COFFEE (1660 W. Broad St.) Silk paintings by Rene Shoemaker. Through February.

CIRCLE GALLERY (285 S. Jackson St.) "Discrete Aperture: The Work of Nils Folke Anderson." Through Feb. 14.

EARTH FARE (1689 S. Lumpkin St.) Artwork by Leslie Moody. Through Feb. 2. • Photography by Sally Ross. Through Mar. 5.

ETIENNE BRASSERIE (311 E. Broad St.) Photography by Ian McFarlane. Through February.

FARMINGTON DEPOT GALLERY (1011 Salem Rd., Farmington) Owned and staffed by 16 artists, the gallery exhibits paintings, sculpture, folk art, ceramics and fine furniture. Permanent collection artists include Michael Pierce, Nick Joslyn, Peter Loose, PM Goulding and more.

FLICKER THEATRE & BAR (263 W. Washington St.) Artwork by Annie Marcum. Through February.

GALLERY@HOTEL INDIGO (500 College Ave.) "Wish" features photography by Thom Houser and Jason Thrasher, jewelry by Mary Hallam Pearse, textiles by Jennifer Crenshaw, paintings by Joshua Beinko, Claire Joyce and Margaret Morrison, and a work by the Paper Cut Project duo Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry. Through Mar. 21. • In the Glass Cube, a new piece by Martijn van Wagtendonk. Through Mar. 21.

GEORGIA MUSEUM OF ART (90 Carlton St.) "John Haley: Berkeley School Abstract Expressionist." Through Mar. 3. • "Minna Citron: The Uncharted Course from Realism to Abstraction." Through Mar. 3. • "From Savanna to Savannah: African Art from the Collection of Don Kole. Through Apr. 14. • "Americans in Italy." Through Apr. 21. • "Defiant Beauty: The Work of Chakaia Booker" consists of large-scale sculptures created from tires. Through Apr. 30. 

THE GRIT (199 Prince Ave.) Photography by Forrest Aguar. Through February.

HEIRLOOM CAFE AND FRESH MARKET (815 N. Chase St.) Drawings, paintings and prints of native Georgia flora by Hope Hilton. Through Feb. 3.

HENDERSHOT'S COFFEE BAR (1560 Oglethorpe Dr.) Artwork by Sarah Cook. 

HIGHWIRE LOUNGE (269 N. Hull St.) Local fashion designer Alexandra Parsons showcases fashion illustrations. Through Feb. 23.

IRIS PLACE (755 Epps Bridge Pkwy.) Photography of beach scenes combined with driftwood by John Weber. Through Feb. 5.

JITTERY JOE'S ALPS (1480 Baxter St.) Photography by Adrina Ray. 

JITTERY JOE'S DOWNTOWN (297 E. Broad St.) "Ballet Life" features photographs of ballerinas in usual places by Chris Scredon. 

JUST PHO (1063 Baxter St.) Drawings and paintings by Michele Chidester.

KRIMSON KAFE (40 Greensboro Hwy., Watkinsville) Acrylic paintings by Megan Bennett. Through February.

KUMQUAT MAE (18 Barnett Shoals Rd., Watkinsville) Photography by Craig Gun. Through February.

LAMAR DODD SCHOOL OF ART (270 River Rd.) "The Sorority Girl Project," photo portraits by Kelly K. Jones. Through Feb. 7.

LOFT GALLERY AT CHOPS & HOPS (2 S. Main St., Watkinsville) Artwork by Jessica "Cobra" McVey. 

LYNDON HOUSE ARTS CENTER (293 Hoyt St.) "Period Decorative Arts Collection (1840–1890)" includes artifacts related to the historic house. 

MADISON MORGAN CULTURAL CENTER (424 S. Main St., Madison) "Consequences of War" features "Flight," an exhibit of lithographs by 12 mid-century masters. Through Feb. 24.

MAMA'S BOY (197 Oak St.) Photographs of the restaurant's staff as babies and children. Through February.

OCONEE COUNTY LIBRARY (1080 Experiment Station Rd.) Works by lacemaker Caroline Ingle. Through February.

OCONEE CULTURAL ARTS FOUNDATION (OCAF) (34 School St., Watkinsville) "Material Wonders" showcases works by current UGA graduate students. Through Feb. 15.

PERK AVENUE (111. W. Jefferson St., Madison) "Point of Origin," works by Katharine Wibell. Through March.

SEWCIAL STUDIO (160 Tracy St.) Hand-dyed art quilts by Anita Heady and rust and over-dyed fabric on canvas by Bill Heady. 

SIPS ESPRESSO CAFE (1390 Prince Ave.) Paintings by Anne Wills. Through Feb. 4.

STATE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF GEORGIA (2450 S. Milledge Ave.) "Women on Paper," works by Lauren Kerbelis, Gail Smith, Caroline Swanson, Nancy Schultz, Karen Banker, Lillie Morris and Ingrid Hofer. Through March 3.

STRAND HAIR STUDIO (1625 S. Lumpkin St.) Oil paintings by Jerry Barnes. Through Feb. 15.  

SURGERY CENTER OF ATHENS (2142 W. Broad St.) Oil paintings by Dortha Jacobson. Through February.

TOWN 220 (220 W. Washington St., Madison) "Earthly Abstraction" features works using natural materials by Jack Kehoe, Kipley Meyer, Brian rust and Dwight Smith. Opening reception Jan. 31. Through Apr. 28.

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA OCONEE CAMPUS (1201 Bishop Farms Pkwy.) "Otros Soñadores" includes works by Stanley Bermudez, Nestor Armando Gil, Groana Melendez and Mabi Ponce. Through Feb. 13.

WALKER'S COFFEE AND PUB (128 College Ave.) Pastel drawings and watercolors by Ainhoa Bilbao Canup. Through January.