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  • Classic City Rollergirls Triumph Over Appalachian Roller Derby on St. Pat's Day

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    Photo Credit: John M. Blood

    It happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, but the Classic City Rollergirls always wear green and black. They didn’t mess with that formula during the 2018 season opener Saturday night at Athens Arena, and, dressed for success, they massacred the visiting Boone, NC-based Appalachian Roller Derby, 197-139. 

  • Recap and Photo Gallery: Team Black Triumphs in Classic City Rollergirls' Intra-Squad Opener

    Blog: Culture Briefs


    All photos by Nicole Adamson

    There isn’t a better venue for hosting women’s flat-track roller derby in northeast Georgia than Athens Arena, a simple cinder-block-and-aluminum building tucked away in the warehouse and whatnot district off Atlanta Highway, in Bogart. 

  • Classic City Rollergirls Close Out the Season With an Inspiring Road Victory

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    Those in charge couldn’t agree on a single tint, style or wattage of lightbulb, so the overhead illumination in Exhibit Hall C at the Chattanooga Convention Center is scattershot and mildly psychedelic. The beer selection at the concession stand is less interesting. 

  • Rollergirls Host Classic City Crush This Weekend

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    When we last checked in with our local roller derby squad, skaters were taking the track to the familiar chug of “Crazy Train,” and for the next 60 minutes an alarmingly sparse but attentive crowd at the Classic Center witnessed a blizzard of quads. The visiting, and heavily favored, team from Baton Rouge jumped out to an early 4-0 lead, thanks to some deft jamming from Sparkles Fantastic, but they were shut out during their next three scoring attempts, and found themselves down 10 points after five minutes of play—and trailing by 15 at halftime.

  • The Classic City Rollergirls Walloped ATL's Jukes of Hazzard Last Weekend

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    During an interview last Friday morning on local sports talk radio station AM 960 The Ref, former two-time team captain Louis Strongarm admitted there was something special about playing against teams from Atlanta because of CCRG’s long history of losing skaters to the much more highly ranked squad just an hour's drive to the west.  Her response was diplomatic, if understated. 

  • Recap and Photo Gallery: Classic City Rollergirls Open 2017 Season

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    All photos by Joshua L. Jones

    Athens has been home to a nationally ranked women’s flat track roller derby team for more than a decade. The Classic City Rollergirls reflect the wildly eclectic and hopelessly transient nature of our town, as women from all walks of life come and (in most cases, eventually) go—making the sustained popularity, competitiveness and professionalism of the squad all the more impressive.  

  • CCRG Upset the Tallahassee RollerGirls Saturday

    Blog: Culture Briefs


    Photo Credit: David Eduardo

    What transpired Saturday night at Akins Arena inside the Classic Center was, without hyperbole, the most thrilling display of grit and athleticism in the decade-long history of women’s flat track roller derby in Athens. The largest regular-season crowd in recent memory held its collective breath for two 30-minute halves as the visiting team from Tallahassee and our hometown Classic City Rollergirls battled with every ounce of their being in a slugfest for the ages.

  • Classic City Crush Recap

    Blog: Culture Briefs


    Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones/file

    Day One: Saturday, June 18

    When Albuquerque, NM-based Duke City took the track against Marietta's Peach State at 10 a.m. Saturday to kick off the 2016 Classic City Crush, they were confident the most stressful and frightening events of the weekend were already behind them. Their flight to Georgia was rerouted to Chattanooga due to severe weather. They taxied the runway in Tennessee until conditions improved in Atlanta, where they eventually commandeered ground transportation for Athens. Arriving eight hours late, they did not benefit from a good night’s sleep, nor did they have time for sightseeing. (The Tree That Owns Itself will be there until we replace it again.)

  • Classic City Rollergirls Host Atlanta Men's Roller Derby Saturday

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    We didn't learn much from the No. 148 Classic City Rollergirls' recent 226-54 demolition of the visiting No. 137 Tragic City Rollers in the Akins Arena at the Classic Center on Apr. 16. The 007-themed high school prom being held in the facilities atrium provided more tension and drama. 

  • Athens in Austin Celebrates 10 Years at The Side Bar

    Blog: Homedrone


    Photo Credit: Mike White


    Heading east on 7th Street, my heart sank a little at the prospect of getting into another line—one that from my perspective seemingly flowed all the way from The Side Bar to the Wendy's at the exit ramp on Interstate 35. After getting a little closer, it became apparent the long line was not in fact people clamoring for access to the 10th annual Athens in Austin SXSW showcase. Most would argue he's gone soft of late, but nevertheless these fans were standing in the high noon sun waiting to see Waka Flocka Flame at the bar next door.

  • SXSW Friday: Braving the Weather at Willie Nelson's Luck Ranch

    Blog: Homedrone


    Photo Credit: David Eduardo

    The decision to leave the beautiful city of Austin at noon on Friday, just as SXSW was hitting its stride and the Texas sun was breaking through low-hanging clouds, was easy. Willie Nelson was throwing a party at his hill country ranch in nearby Spicewood, complete with food-truck rodeo, free beer and cocktails and a stellar lineup including Jenny Lewis, Blitzen Trapper, Robert Ellis and Billy Joe Shaver. Additional incentive to attend came in the form of a free downtown school bus shuttle to and from the hoedown. What an amazing host.

  • Classic City Rollergirls Open 2016 Season with Green vs. Black Bout Saturday

    Blog: Culture Briefs


    A growing town that recycles and reloads a healthy portion of its population with great frequency deserves the benefit of a public service reminder, every now and again. The more you know.

    Pssst… There is a women’s flat track roller derby team in Athens, Georgia.

  • Classic City Rollergirls vs. Cape Fear Preview

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Fun Galaxy, the vintage (antique?) skating rink on Cherokee Road, offered no relief from the heat and humidity outside. The swampy space may have an AC, but from the feel of things inside, the Classic City Rollergirls were not allowed to touch the thermostat.  

  • Classic City Rollergirls Midseason Roundup

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    Photo Credit: Photo via CCRG/Facebook

    As we approach the midway point, your hometown Classic City Rollergirls are enjoying one their most successful seasons ever.  

  • Black Beats Green in the Classic City Rollergirls' Season Kickoff Scrimmage

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    Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones

    Everyone loves parity in professional sports. Leagues of evenly matched teams result in hotly contested matches that go down to the wire, and fan bases that remain interested every season (and all season) because their team is forever in the hunt, capable of winning on any given night.

  • Classic City Rollergirls Open 2015 Season With Green vs. Black Bout Saturday

    Blog: Culture Briefs

    It’s a ritual unlike any other in sports. Conventional wisdom would suggest that staging an all-out civil war immediately before a season starts is not the best way to build camaraderie, establish chemistry or avoid injury in team competition. 

    But roller derby isn’t your average sport, and the Classic City Rollergirlsdon’t mind talking a little trash or getting into each other's faces,especially before the season starts, as every skater competes for one of the 20 coveted spots on the team charter and, ultimately, the active roster of 14.  

    More below.

  • Classic City Rollergirls Off-Season Update

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    Photo Credit: Bill Ruhsam/Flickr

    It has been a busy off-season for the Classic City Rollergirls. The team has elected a new captain (Louis Strongarm) and once again endured attrition, losing important members of the 2014 squad to retirement (Amy T. Ville) and the Division I league in Atlanta (Human Missile Crisis and High Jinxx). Those are tough skates to fill. 

  • Classic City Rollergirls vs. Greenville Recap

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    ccrg team.jpg

    If you missed Saturday night’s matchup between our Classic City Rollergirls and the visiting Greenville Derby Dames, you’ll have to wait until next year to catch women’s flat track roller derby at the Classic Center. The 2014 season came to an end in front of a nearly sold-out crowd that witnessed some pretty memorable jamming, and an impressive yoga demo at halftime.

  • Classic City Rollergirls vs. Dixie Derby Girls Recap

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    ccrg gene rabin.jpg

    Photo Credit: Gene Rabin

    Last Saturday morning, the Classic City Rollergirls caravanned through the North Georgia hills and Cumberland Plateau, over more than 230 rural highway miles, to face the heavily favored Dixie Derby Girls in Huntsville, AL. CCRG lost by five points in a heartbreaker to Dixie last season in Athens. When the team took the concrete track shortly after 6 p.m. at the National Speleological Society Conference Center, they showed no signs of being road-weary—or the least bit intimidated.

    Both squads went scoreless in the evening’s first jam, setting the tone for the entire bout. These were defensive-minded, physical skaters, unafraid to mix it up in the pack. Classic City quickly acclimated themselves to the opposition and track conditions. High Jinxxx scored seven hard-earned points during her second jam, followed by an impressive 14-point scoring effort by pivot Elizabeth Impaler after jammer Louis Strongarm had the presence of mind to pass the scoring star to her teammate.  

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